9 Awesome Vastu hint to Keep in Mind while booking a Flat.

As we know that, Vastu Shastra is commonly known as “Vastu”.  It is Hindu system of architecture that is called  “Science of Architecture”. Vastu Shastra is based on Hindus and Buddhist beliefs. It is found in the Indian subcontinent that narrates principle of layout, design, ground preparation, measurement, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Ensure well – being, prosperity, and happiness of the residents is important for a flat to built as per guideline of Vastu Shastra.
You don’t need to hire a person who expertise in Vastu, which known whether the basic structure of the house is per the Vastu guidelines or not. Just go to the entrance and you will understand the Vastu of the house. How? Don’t worry, we will assist you and give you Vastu tips while booking your dream home.
Main Entrance
If you are not booking a home but an apartment than entrance will be the main concern. Get sure that the entrance is located at north or northeast, reason behind if your entrance will be towards north east then morning sunlight will easily come to your area that is good for health whereas don’t book home which entrance will be towards south and west entrance because rays of sun enter from this direction that might be not good for health.
Ample Sunlight and proper ventilation
According to Vastu, your home should be proper ventilation, should be open,  cross ventilation and proper sunlight.  A north or east – facing flat with balconies and windows in either of this two direction is ideal. A flat should not have a common wall with another house that creates miscellaneous energies; therefore,  important to having all four corner and flat should not attach to another flat
The kitchen is also the main concern when we talk about Vastu Shastra. The kitchen should be in the Southeast corner that is called Aagneya – apparently governed by the fire elements.
Water Storage Tank
Water Storage Tank should be placed towards North and North – East Location. If your water tank is placed than this location gets early morning rays which are good for the water tank.
Toilets and bathrooms
Toilets and Bathroom should ideally be south – west of the southern area of the house, because the air blows from the north – east to south – east and if the washroom is placed at north-east, then the wind might be air blow from the toilet to living room thereby pollute the atmosphere.
Kids Room
An Ideal place for a kid’s room is the northeast or northwest of the house where the window should be open to the north that will prohibit explicit harmful rays of the sun from entering his/her room.  
Do not make the staircase in the North – East, as this might be blockage the morning rays.  External staircase Should be placed South West Corner.
Center of Apartment
According to Vastu Shastra, The light should be in the center of the apartment and should be closed to like kitchen.
Vaastu for the entire block/community
The play area, gardens, and free spaces should be in the eastern and northern side of the flats and wall of the apartment should not be black, red and dark blue as dark colors absorb heat thereby may be increasing temperature of apartment

Keep in mind while booking your Flat/Apartment

Buying a home is a big dream for every human being because property/home/flat is a good asset for yourself, upcoming generation etc. Buying a home is the big investment decision of your life and will take up most of your savings.
If you are willing to plan, book your dream home then keep in mind while booking your flat.


1. Check Super Area Vs Carpet Area  
Property Dealers and Real Estate Companies always refer to the super area of the flat and use this measurement for calculation of the price of the property. However, the actual measurement of a flat will be lesser than the quoted figure, might be 80% or might be 75 % of the super area. The super area includes common areas like staircase, lobby, shafts, elevator space and even thickness of outer walls of your flats.  So, before booking home, you should also check super area and carpet area.


2.Do not go to buy Sample flat   
A sample flat would be very attractive and have several furnishing that might be actual flat won’t have. Sample flat has higher ceilings, which will mean bigger wall storage spaces. Ceilings would also have plaster of Paris work, attractive light etc will be given an impression of space. Also, you can see the modular kitchen, bathroom, expensive titles etc, may not be offered in the actual flats.  Therefore, check each and every aspect of flats and don’t go with sample flat.


3. Does the builder have all permits in place?
It is important to check that company having all the permits and clearance by authorities in place before the starting the construction of the buildings. Otherwise, you may be facing trouble when your possession. These may be include, clearance from electricity board, correct land use permit, clearance form water board, the local registration body and even the permission from the military authorities in some cases.


4.Check Clause for late possession.   
The possession for the delivery of a project depends on many factors, such as shortage of supply of raw material, shortage of funds in case units are not being sold, some legal issue and even heavy monsoon. Therefore, most of the developer seek a 3 to 6 month grace period for final delivery of the project.  This grace period should be mentioned explicitly in the contract, that you sign with them.  In the case of delay of possession which crosses grace period, the builder will be entitled to pay you a monthly penalty.